Tuesday, 7 May 2013

What a fabulous bank holiday weekend it's been. It was even sunny all day every day. Sunday 5th was our 14 yr anniversary of our first date so we took the kids to the seaside at Southport and just had a wonderful time. It was clearly written in the stars as I forgot to display the parking ticket and had to dash back after an hour to find I had left a door on the car wide open. Luckily we'd not been clamped and our belongings stolen so it all ended well. No-one was even sick in the car, a perfect day. Although the Chooch fell asleep and wet himself in his car seat and I got a finger full of poo when I stupidly put it in the Choochettes nappy to see how wet it was. Niiiice..

On Monday we had more fun in the sun at a local garden centre who had a bugs n bunnies show on, along with a load of other fun stuff. I actually allowed a snake to slither up my arm, so determined was I to not let the Chooch see that Mummy afraid, when he was a bit frightened to hold it. Gold parenting star to me! Got to say if it had've been a spider there would have been NO Flippping WAY!! He loved watching the magician too, but it all got too much for him and he lost his mind at the end, when the magician was making everyone balloon dogs or swords to take away. When he couldn't have a cat he asked for a puppet instead. When we said its a dog or a sword he demanded the magician made him a bouncy castle (?!) When he was (unsurprisingly) told no, he chucked a mental and I dragged him out kicking and screaming, grabbing him a balloon sword on the way. When we got home we fired up the BBQ for the first time and the Choochette enjoyed pottering outside while the Chooch slept all through it.

So today dropped the Chooch at nursery and drove to the office, leaving the Choochette and her Dad lolling on the sofa in their PJ's. That hurt.. Then hubby sent me a video of her taking about 5 steps on her own towards him and it hurt that I'd missed that. But hey, at least he was kind enough to have filmed their adventures and sent it on. It's our wedding anniversary today and for the first time in 8 years, we both forgot. It was only a facebook message from my Mum that reminded me. We have had some hard times lately and we have been busy but I feel its never been more important to celebrate having made it this far. So tonight we are packing the kids in the car and going back to the hotel we got married in, over looking the saddleworth moors. While the kids sleep in the car, we'll have a little picnic on the edge of the moor, snuggle up and remember where it all began.


Yeh so that went well NOT! We set off 7:45pm with a sleepy girl and little boy all ready for bed. By the time we got to the hotel and half 8 he was still wide awake and chattering on endlessly, asking how to spell things and other general questions. As he got more tired he just came out with his usual random gibberings which was quite funny but we basically had to turn round and drive home and couldn't have our little romantic half hour as he was so wakey and full of beans. 5 mins from home at 9:15pm he fell asleep. Felt completely cheated. We put em both to sleep and necked a bottle of prosecco in about an hour and I went to bed. And that was our anniversary. Ah well at least we tried!

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